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Edward Borein 1872-1945



Edward Borein’s paintings, drawings and etchings are authentic, the products of an artist who knew the life of the cowboy and vaquero. Leaving his home near Oakland, at any early age, Borein drove cattle throughout the Southwest and Mexico.  His mother saw some of his sketches and enrolled him in art school in San Francisco. But school stifled Borein and he went back to cowboy life, sketching what he experienced, at times from the saddle, though he also trained his memory to recall the smallest details of events on the range. His work caught the attention of the Eastern periodicals and before long he began to make a living as an artist. Borein’s paintings and etchings brought him into the company of such artists as Maynard Dixon and Charles Russell, both of whom became the artist’s close friends. When he moved to New York, Borein’s fame grew and his work earned praise in Paris and Florence. In the end, Borein returned to California, settling in Santa Barbara, becoming a fixture in the art scene there and a favorite among the Hollywood set.

Edward Borein, Two Cowboys Watercolor Painting

Edward Borein

Two Cowboys

Watercolor, 7 x 9 inches

Signed lower right


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