Ken Carlson


Like so many artists, Ken Carlson began his career in commercial art, though he always took time away to study, photograph and wildlife. Born in Minnesota, Carlson won a drawing contest at the age of 15. The prize was a two-year scholarship to the Art Instruction School in Minneapolis. In 1969, Carlson decided to try his hand at easel painting and he quickly made a success of it, providing painterly illustrations for books of birds. In 1972, Carlson moved to Montana, determined to find the inspiration that wold allow him to create his own style, a version of realism verging on animal portraiture that preserves the contours of the natural world without being at all photographic. Carlson’s animals are individuals behaving in natural ways in their natural habitats. Each of his paintings offers a glimpse into a hidden world. Carlson has won numerous awards and his works grace many public and private collections. Bartfield Galleries accepts commissions for Ken Carlson.



J. N. Bartfield Galleries accepts commissions on behalf of Ken Carlson.

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